Senior Lawyer & Consultant, Accredited Criminal Law Specialist, BA (Hons), LLB (Hons)

Nicole Spicer graduated from Melbourne University in 1996 with an Honours degrees in Law and Arts (Australian History) and in Law. After completing legal practical training Nicole was admitted to legal practice in 1997 and commenced working as a criminal defence lawyer and advocate for Stary George and Myall lawyers (as it then was).

Over approximately a six year period Nicole appeared for Accused persons daily in metropolitan, regional and country Magistrates Courts and County Court legal proceedings, and had the carriage of a significant number of serious trials in all jurisdictions including complex fraud, murder, sexual and violent offending. From 2002- 2008 Nicole continued to work part time for Stary Norton Halphen whilst caring for a growing family of children and step-children.

In 2009 Nicole branched out and established her own legal practice, Spicer Lawyers which went on to specialise in civil litigation connected with criminal offending (such as confiscation and regulatory proceedings). Together with a capable legal team, Nicole also developed a strong practice in employment law and in civil litigation in which individuals were seeking compensation for injury or death occurring whilst in custody.

Nicole maintains a particular interest in the areas of law where criminal and civil legal proceedings intersect. After 6 years of building Spicer Lawyers, Nicole was thrilled to be invited to accept a new role at Stary Norton Halphen supporting and mentoring the legal professional staff as well as continuing to develop the 'quasi-criminal' practice under the Stary Norton Halphen banner. Nicole will continue to provide legal advices and advocacy to clients, as well as strengthening and developing the talented and committed team of lawyers that make up this specialist criminal law practice, Stary Norton Halphen.

Nicole is also the author of four practical guidance modules in the lexis nexis criminal law practical guidance online program (summary criminal practice, indictable criminal practice, committals and costs & ancillary orders).
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