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Best Criminal Defence Lawyers In Melbourne

Stary Norton Halphen is a criminal law firm in Victoria, with a team of highly-regarded and experienced criminal defence lawyers, providing insightful, honest and strategic legal advice. Our lawyers also appear in court regularly and are effective and robust advocates. Each case is important to us and we are focused on achieving the best possible result for each of our clients having regard to the circumstances of their case. Being questioned or charged in relation to a criminal offence can be an overwhelming experience. Having experienced criminal lawyers in Melbourne on your side throughout the whole process can help ease some of your stress and confusion so you don’t have to go through it alone.

We are supportive of our clients, and will answer any questions you have and keep you updated on the status of any developments in your case. Our criminal law firm will prepare you for court appearances and guide you through the Victorian justice system to help you achieve the best possible outcome. As one of the largest criminal law firms in Victoria, our expertise covers a broad range of criminal matters. As penalties can vary, depending on the circumstances of the case, it’s important to engage a criminal lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of the Victorian justice system.

Our criminal law firm has worked on high-profile as well as regular cases, representing clients in all Victorian courts and tribunals. Consistently recognised as a leading criminal law firm, our lawyers are committed to providing the highest standard of service to our clients. We will work hard to get the best possible outcome for each case we work on. If you are in need of dedicated criminal lawyers Melbourne, or have any questions or concerns regarding your criminal case, contact the team at Stary Norton Halphen.

We practice exclusively in criminal law. Each case is important to us and we are focused on delivering the best possible result for our clients. Stary Norton Halphen have experience, knowledge and expertise in all areas of criminal and traffic law, including:

We also regularly prepare and appear in bail applications and have a sound understanding of what is required to give you or a person you care about the best opportunity to be granted bail.

Criminal matters and going to Court can be extremely complex and stressful. At Stary Norton Halphen, we will guide you through your case, help you make decisions and do all we can to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Drug Cases

Trafficking, drug use, possess drugs, cultivating, possessing, using drugs, clandestine laboratories, meth labs

Sexual offences

Indecent assault, rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure, incest, sexual penetration of a child under 16

Theft & Fraud

Shoplifting, theft from employer, bank fraud, centrelink fraud, obtaining property by deception

Assault & Property Damage

Assault, assault with a weapon, intentionally causing serious injury, threat to kill

Firearms & Weapons

Possess a firearm, unregistered firearms, possess a longarm, prohibited person in possession of a firearm

Traffic Offences

Drink driving, drug driving, speeding, driving while disqualified, driving while suspended, unlicensed driving

Homicide & Culpable Driving

Murder, manslaughter, culpable driving, defensive homicide, negligent manslaughter

Bail Application

Magistrates Court, County Court, revocation of bail, conditions of bail reporting to police

Commonwealth Matters

Social Security Fraud, Transmitting illegal material, People Smuggling, Human Trafficking

Intervention Orders

Intervention Orders, applying for an intervention order, defending against an intervention order

Drink Driving DUI

Being caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.05 or whilst under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and family violence are a particular category of violent crimes and often involves allegations of threats to assault and allegations of assault

Corporate Crime

White collar and corporate crimes, with a particular focus on individual white collar crime, such as embezzlement and fraud, and crimes involving small-to-medium businesses

Have You Been Formally Interviewed or Charged by the Police?

Whether you have simply been contacted or have actually been arrested by the police, it is important you seek legal advice before you are formally interviewed.

What you say in your interview will, at a later stage, be presented as evidence in court. If you say nothing – which is often advisable – it cannot be used as evidence against you. Those who engage legal representation at an early stage are better equipped to know whether it will help them to tell their side of the story or whether it is best to exercise their rights and remain silent.

Advice from a competent and experienced criminal lawyer before you are interviewed can and often does have a meaningful impact on the outcome of your case and in some instances, is the difference between whether your matter proceeds to court or not.

What To Say

If you are arrested and you do not get an opportunity to speak to a legal representative first, it is advisable to remain silent when you are interviewed. You are only required to give the police your name, address, and date of birth. Thereafter either say “no comment” to each and every question that you are asked or simply remain silent.

Remember, you have a legal right to remain silent and relinquishing it without first receiving legal advice could result in you incriminating yourself during the course of your interview. Once you have been charged you should immediately seek the assistance of an experienced criminal law firm.

At Stary Norton Halphen we not only have decades of experience in the field of criminal law, we also have the largest team of criminal lawyers in Victoria, who are passionate, committed, and readily accessible to assist you in defending yourself against the police and the Office of Public Prosecutions.

You are welcome to contact our criminal law firm to arrange an initial free consultation regarding your case.

When to Contact Criminal Lawyers

We understand that being arrested, or even approached, by a police officer can lead to a lot of anxiety. You may be unsure of your rights and be unclear about whether to provide the police with your version of events. You are right to be concerned because, whether you decide to give the police an account or alternatively to exercise your rights and remain silent, the decision you make can and often does impact on how you are able to defend yourself when your matter reaches court. It is therefore vitally important that you speak with a lawyer before you are interviewed so you can make an informed decision as to how to approach your interview.

As one of the biggest criminal law firms in Victoria, Stary Norton Halphen have experienced criminal lawyers at a number of offices, including Melbourne’s CBD, to assist you in working out the best approach having regard to the circumstances of your case.

Needless to say, it is important to obtain advice and secure legal representation as soon as you are able. The earlier you contact a lawyer, the easier it will make the whole process and the better it will be for your case if you are charged. It will also assist you in understanding and approaching what is, for many people, a foreign and complicated process that is difficult to navigate without the guidance of an expert criminal defence lawyer.

Stary Norton Halphen is a highly regarded team of experienced criminal defence lawyers, providing insightful, honest and strategic legal advice in respect of all criminal law matters.

At Stary Norton Halphen, we ensure your rights are protected, and that the decisions that you make are best for you and your defence. We ensure that your case is thoroughly prepared and, when the time comes, we make sure that your voice and your story is heard.

Whether you are being charged with a criminal act, or have been taken in for questioning, our criminal lawyers are available to advise and guide you.

How Stary Norton Halphen Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne can help

Our experienced and specialist criminal lawyers will provide you with legal advice as to the best approach for you to adopt when you are formally interviewed by police (that is, whether to provide an account of events or to remain silent and refrain from commenting), as well as an understanding of what you can expect in the event that you are charged with one or more criminal offences.

Experienced criminal lawyers can also provide you with guidance as to the law, the evidence, your options and the potential outcomes in the circumstances of your particular case. Our team is well equipped to advise and guide you so that you are well informed about the process you will face from the very beginning. In our view, it is critical to receive this advice from a specialist criminal lawyer as it will enable you to make the best decisions for yourself right from the beginning of your case.

We have a highly capable team of lawyers ready to provide you with this advice and guidance, owing to our extensive knowledge of the Victorian criminal justice system and our experience of advising many thousands of people who have been questioned and charged by the police.

Finally, in the event that you are charged with an offence and your case proceeds to court, our expert criminal defence lawyers are here to advocate on your behalf. Our lawyers are experienced advocates who will assist to present your case in the most effective way. If you need expert legal advice from a criminal law firm in Victoria, contact our team today.

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Advice from a competent and experienced criminal lawyer before you are interviewed can and often does have a meaningful impact on the outcome of your case and in some instances, is the difference between whether your matter proceeds to court or not.

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