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Clients saying 'Thank You'

Hi Gemma and Alana,

We wish to thank you both for your expertise and guidance in regards to our recent legal proceedings. You both were very understanding and we really appreciate your time and patience with us in making sure we knew what was happening. You have steered us toward a favourable outcome and we could not be more pleased and happy.

Once again we thank you and wish you both all the best.

[name withheld]
May 2023

Stary Norton Halphen are a professional and very experienced criminal law firm. I was particularly impressed with Sam Norton. His understanding of the law and process ahead was outstanding, as was his relationships and professional interactions with all relevant parties such as the police, prosecutors, judges and other lawyers. His insight and experience allows him to guide you each step of the process, which is critical if you are unfamiliar with it. I highly recommend this law firm.

[name withheld]
Feb 2023

To Jim McGarvie and the team at Stary Norton Halphen Criminal Law Specialists,

I would like to thank you for your representation in my matter, I came to you facing some serious jail time for an alleged trafficking offence, and you were able to work my case and get it down to a more appropriate charge, and a Community Corrections Order sentence. I will be recommending Jim McGarvie and your firm to people who need representation for criminal offences and am very happy with the outcome.

[name withheld]

I'm feeling a lot less anxious, it feels like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulder. I would like to thank you for taking on my case and for the excellent and professional service you provide. I will be recommending you and the firm to other people again. Thank you so much.

[name withheld]

We are so thankful for the fantastic outcomes achieved, we really appreciate your work

[name withheld]

I had not expected yesterday’s result and it still feels surreal. I am so GRATEFUL

[name withheld]

Thank you to everybody at Stary Norton Halphen, I am so thankful and grateful for your help and deeply appreciative for your great work ethic. You have done an awesome job and I am so very grateful and fortunate for a good result.

[name withheld]

Thank you for your commitment, determination and absolute professionalism in handling my recent case. You achieved a fantastic result for which I am truly relieved and grateful for.

[name withheld]

I just want to express my gratitude to Jarrod and Pat for their work, kindness, patience and understanding during their services. I could not recommend them enough. They accommodated for my specific situation and hardship through the last few months and I was fortunate to have had them as my representation.

Kind regards

[name withheld]

I would like to thank Jarrod for representing [name withheld] in court on Tuesday, I do not believe we would have got the same out come if Jarrod was not [name withheld]'s lawyer, a family friend who referred me to Jarrod said he is one of the best when it comes to matters like this and seeing Jarrod in action I agree with him.

Thanks again the support you gave him through this time is very appreciated and he will learn from his mistake.    


[name withheld]

Hey Alana and Rob,

I was just wanting to write to say a massive thank you to the services offered by your firm to me and other environmental activists.

I was arrested at the IMARC protest in 2019 protesting climate destruction by some of the worlds biggest polluters.

Your firm's free legal representation made me feel supported and less stressed about the whole process.  Particularly a big thanks to you Alana for taking the time on my case and your professionalism.

The legal support definitely enable us to continue to stand up for the environment and human rights.


[name withheld]

Morning Megan,

Thank you for all your help with my sister’s case. It has been very much appreciated by myself and the family.

Everyone there has made what was a horrible situation very comforting for us and with a fantastic outcome.

Again thank you.

Kind regards
[name withheld]

Hi Megan

Just would like to thank you and rob for helping me over the past months with a great outcome. I cannot thank rob enough.

Please accept my sincere thank you to both you

[name withheld]

Hello Sandra

Just providing a testimonial for Jarrod Behan who is an employee of Stary Norton Halphen Werribee.

Mr. Behan came highly recommended from a business partner for his outstanding legal knowledge and professional demeanour. Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of having Mr. Behan as my legal representation and throughout the entire process he has consistently been outgoing, insightful and intelligent tackling all queries from myself about the proceedings as it was my first experience in a court. He truly went above and beyond particularly with his organisation of his plea submission which was incredibly detailed which made me realise that I had made the right choice in legal representation.

During our sessions in court Mr. Behan was quick to answer any questions posed by the courts with striking confidence and knowledge while also being able to simply explain all terms to myself. Mr. Behan clearly explained all outcomes and in the end, we got the best possible result for myself.

I would highly recommend Mr. Behan for any further legal representation for myself or recommend him to anyone that needed the help of an astute professional.

Kind regards,

[name withheld]

To whom it may concern;

Jarrod Behan has recently dealt with my brother [name withheld] court charges while his in Prison. Throughout the court matters Jarrod always kept us up to date as a family. Jarrod was great to communicate with and always explained everything so we had a full understanding.

Jarrod was and is always professional and always returns calls in a timely manner. As a family we always felt we knew the next steps throughout the process as Jarrod was always striving to get this best outcome for [name withheld]. I would highly recommend Jarrod in the future if needed .

Jarrod – A BIG Thank you from Myself & my parents for everything

[name withheld]

I would like to thank Thomas Edwards for his outstanding assistance. His excellent knowledge, dedication and attention to detail is amazing. Nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend Thomas to anyone seeking legal advice.

[name withheld]

My experience with everyone I encountered at STARY-NORTON during a difficult time was excellent. Helpful and understanding whilst being very professional and honest .

A special thank you to Elli Dawe from reception. Her kind empathetic nature was extremely helpful during a stressful time for me. She went out of her way to help me , provide additional information and responded instantly to emails as Jonathan and Tom were busy helping other clients . My correspondence with Elli was always positive and kind . I am so appreciative of her lovely nature.

A very positive outcome from what was indeed a hard experience to encounter as a mother . Thanks to Joe Connelly for his hard work as well.

[name withheld]

On Wednesday and Friday this week, I prosecuted the 2 contested cases of accused [name withheld].  The lawyer representing the accused was John BARRERA.

Just wanting to email you some feedback in relation to John.  For what it is worth, I thought John was very professional, pleasant to deal with, and very knowledgeable in relation to the cases.  The result of the cases is irrelevant, what is relevant, is the manner in which John conducted himself, and I thought he was excellent.

[name withheld]

Hey everyone,

I would just like to give you all big hugs and kisses for looking after me in the past and present.

I can't ever remember a time I was left feeling disappointed you guys come correct and are always on point.

Louise Conwell was brilliant today and Jonathan Barrera deserves a pay rise.

Thanks again,
[name withheld]

Dear Tim,

I just wanted to thank you from both (name withheld) and I for your work with us over the last year.

Your professionalism, positivity and clear articulation of the options available to us throughout this ordeal have made it tolerable. Your advice and work has led directly to the best outcome we could have hoped for.

We are forever grateful to you, and although it is just another case from your end, know that it means everything to us. You are a fantastic lawyer and you’ve made a huge difference to our lives.

Please also extend our heartfelt thanks to Ian, Sophia, Rob, and Megan for their work with us during this case. It has made a difference for us knowing that in all of you we have had the best team possible.

[name withheld]

Hi MeganCould you please pass on our thanks to Rob and to Jim McGarvie.I’m aware that in the range of challenging cases that Stary Norton Halphen takes on our son [name withheld]'s was relatively minor but, never-the-less, had he not been so well advised the outcome could well have been different. Rob’s advice, as we might expect, was clearly critical in obtaining the best result. Jim’s professionalism, personality and measured guidance on Friday was extremely reassuring and of course the outcome was a relief for us all.Further to that I very much appreciated your prompt responses to any questions or concerns that I might have had.Kind regards[name withheld]

Hey Rob,

Hope all is well, just wanted to let you know that Bess did a great job representing my son. She was very professional and we ended up with a great outcome.


[name withheld]

Dear Tim,

I just want to thank you again for representing my father. I really valued how you gave Dad a 'voice' during his trial.

Also, thank you for showing patience and understanding when you explained legal strategies to us during an incredibly overwhelming period of our lives... such simple but respectful gestures/ ettiquette was very much appreciated.

Thank you to both you and Robert Stary for taking the time to listen to our ideas and questions. I wish you every success in your future.

[name withheld]

Hi Steph Thirlwall

Name withheld and I just want to say thank you so much, it didn’t really process to us until the next day.. we can’t thank you enough, this was the biggest mistake his made/will make and we are so thrilled we can move on, and we just wanted to say thank you again.

Kind regards,

[name withheld]

Hi Jarrod,

I just want to say thank you again for representing me earlier this year. I have completed my diversion program and parenting course. If it wasn't for you i may not have been so lucky.

Kind regards

[name withheld]

Hi Robert,

Firstly I would like to apologise for taking so long in sending you this email.
From the first contact I had with you on the telephone and to our first meeting [name withheld] and I with you, you spoke to us with the utmost respect and understanding of our situation. You spoke to US in our language - not legal terms which would not have understood.
While I appreciate how busy you are, you met with us in a few days of our first telephone conversation which in itself is a reflection of your concern for your clients.
Your staff in particular Tim is a credit to your team. He is very approachable, talked to us not at us, once again not in legal terminology. Please pass on this compliment to Tim for us. Tim has a very bright future in the legal world.

We cannot thank you enough for taking us on.
Good luck in the future and should I need assistance in the future you will be the first person I will contact.

All the best for the future

[name withheld]

Dear Rob,

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for today.
Thank you for your support and great skill in  negotiating, and in navigating the Court system so successfully for name withheld.
Wishing you all the very best in the future

(Name withheld)


Dear Stephanie Thirlwall,

I just want to thank you and Tim for the help and you can let Tim know that I love the barrister that he put on the case.

Thank you too Stephanie you have been a big help to me and for that all I can do is say thank you and Tim and everyone at Stary Norton Halphen.

Talk soon,
(Name withheld)

Hi, Marco

We did really appreciate you taking the time to assist Name Redacted, the thought of going to jail was causing him great distress so getting a fine was a great weight off his mind.

Kind Regards
Catherine Floy| Case Manager/Key Worker - Home Care Packages
Inner Melbourne Community Hub

Dear Rob,

I am writing to thank you for the pro bono legal assistance you recently provided to on of our young asylum seekers, Name Redacted, in a matter at the Sunshine Court.

The decision of the Court in this matter was beyond our greatest hopes. We are relieved and delighted. For Name Redacted means the he can continue to function, albeit under great difficulties, in the community, with a criminal conviction which has such terrible consequences for asylum seekers.

Name Redacted, who arrived here as an unaccompanied minor, from Afghanistan, and who has struggled to survive without a visa, is so grateful for the assistance he received, at a time when he had abandoned hope. He wants to make sure that you receive his thanks.

He has mentioned Tessa Di Paoilo and Marco Man as those you specifically helped him. Will you please pass on to them his thanks and gratitude. All of us at BASP are also deeply appreciative of all the work they did, and the kindness and support they showed to this vulnerable young man.

The support and assistance of people such as you, and your staff, enables us to assist people like Name Redacted, as they try to survive in an increasingly harsh situation for them

Many thanks once again,

Brigid Arthur
Coordinator of Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for representing me in court yesterday, I’m more than happy with how it all turned out.  
Please pass on my thanks to Sarah as well.
Was a huge and pleasant surprise how it all panned out in the end.
Have a great day, and I hope we get to meet again in different settings in the future.

Name Withheld

Hi Marco,

I really don’t know how much to express my gratitude, where like 2 weeks ago I was literally seeing my world life falling apart but you decided to help me and did and extraordinary job for my defence and allowing me to be able to get my life back. Thank you again.



Dear Tim Schocker

I didn't want the week to end without thanking you for making the time at this pointy end of the year to talk to our Community Corrections folk yesterday. It was a great panel and generated lots of discussion during and after the session.
Community Corrections have been the poor cousins of the prosecutions arm of the  justice system for too long. They have now embarked on a huge restructure and rejuvenation program to build capacity. We are really pleased to be involved in delivery of the training - anything that keeps people out of jail!
And of course we find ways of inveigling our mates into the work of SZCC- and Rob and his mob are  definately always in that mix....
One of the things that really impressed the participants was the  calibre of the line up we were able to secure- it made them feel special and so they were far more responsive to the message  that they might otherwise have been. Thanks so much for being part of that.

I look forward to our paths crossing again (perhaps at the moot debriefs in Jan/Feb?).

Season's Greeting, many thanks.
Kind regards to all at Stary's


Hi Jarrod,

I can't thank you enough.  Today was an extremely difficult day.  You did a great job and I was extremely fortunate to have you in my corner.  

Have a wonderful Christmas.

All the best.

Name Withheld

Thank You Simon,

I wanted to thank you for recommending Kat to represent Name Withheld. She achieved a result, I think she was surprised at. No conviction, a 12 month good behaviour bond with payment of $50 to pay for the screen of the telephone. From the start she was non judgemental and consistent with Name Withheld, taking responsibility for his actions...  

... I wished I had given Kat a hug but I was in “shock” as everything unfolded and seemed unreal. I believe Kat has a great future with you and for what it’s worth she deserves a raise or at least a Xmas bonus and this comes from the most grateful mother on the planet Earth.

I hope you have a Happy Xmas and New Year,

Thanks again,

Name Witheld


Dear Sarah,

On behalf of FLS, I just wanted to thank you again for your brilliant contribution to the forum on Saturday night. We’ve received such great feedback from the community and are really grateful you could attend and present.

Thanks again and I hope we can work together again in the near future.

Best, Ela Stewart

Community Development Officer


Good afternoon Kayleigh.

Would you please pass on our thanks to Rob and Kat for their efforts in this matter, and also for my daughter Name Witheld's matter.

We are so thankful for the fantastic outcomes achieved, we really appreciate your work.

Thanks and kind regards,

Name Witheld and family.


Hi Nick,

I cannot commend you highly enough on your performance last Thursday and Friday.  Your commitment to my case was inspiring, when I knew that you had others pressing on Thursday, also gave me a confidence in you that I was struggling to find anywhere else.  The result that you achieved for me, through your legal knowledge, and knowing how to “read magistrates and prosecutors for what they are worth” was priceless, and nothing short of  a stellar performance.  I will be sure to pass on your details at the drop a hat to anyone I ever come across that is in need of a lawyer to represent them.

Name Witheld 11/07/16

Hi All,

Thank you all again for your efforts. I was very impressed by Amelia's structure of questions, Andrews advice and Sarah's comforting small talk. Today will be a brighter day.

Talk soon.


Names Witheld - 22/06/16

G'day Jarrod Just want to say a massive thank you for achieving that result for me. I was blown away by your professionalism and how easy you made that look! Legend!! I greatly appreciate your time. Regards, Name Withheld - 20/06/16

Dear Rob and Co,

Thank you so much for what you have done.

Words are never enough to truly express what a difference you and your team have made.

A huge weight has been lifted and it’s all thanks to your brilliance and your wonderful team.

I had not expected yesterday’s result and it still feels surreal.


Thank you SO MUCH!

Name Witheld - 11/06/16

Hi Jarrod

We would like to say a big “Thank You” for all your hard work that you did for Name Withheld in Court today (07-01-2016) and on emails and visits.

We really appreciate your efforts and the professional expertise you have displayed and advice you have given us, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Best Regards

Names Witheld

Jessie is a highly proficient solicitor. With a family member as a recent client we were able to observe and experience the thorough manner in which she researched our brief and was able to provide excellent, effective and timely opinion and advice in what proved to be a very unique case. Her thorough and skillful documentation of all elements of this case was strongly commended by the presiding judge as was the professional manner in which she gave her defense presentation. From commencement to the successful completion of this matter she demonstrated both empathy and compassion for our whole family while at the same time keeping us fully briefed as the case unfolded. I commend her demonstrated expertise in legal reseach, legal writing, legal advice and criminal law.

Name Witheld

Hi Rob, Marco and Simon,

I won't take up much of your time, but I just wanted to send a very quick - and long overdue - email to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for me over the last three years.

Aside from achieving an amazing outcome, your patience, compassion, understanding and empathy has been greatly appreciated.  The time you spent with myself and my mum made all the difference in the world - and I realise we can't have been the easiest to deal with at times.

The work you do is so incredibly valuable.  Having made such a huge mess of my life, I felt cut off from the world and completely disempowered.  Having you guys in my corner, so to speak, was so reassuring for me.  I knew that whatever the outcome, you had ensured I was given a fair go.

Your hard work and dedication certainly paid off - the result was nothing short of a miracle.  Your efforts have allowed me to start a new chapter in my life.  I'm loving uni and am excited about a new career where I feel I can do some good, I am employed and working hard, mental health wise I'm stable and doing all the right things and am still seeing my great team of treaters.  I hate to tell you, but I'm not going to be a repeat client!!

In all seriousness though, a huge thank you to each of you.  I am so pleased that there are people like yourselves in this world doing the great work you do.

Ok so maybe this wasn't as quick an email as I thought it was going to be.  I'll finish up by saying - I owe you all lunch!  Just let me know when suits.

Thanks again

Name Witheld

Dear Marco,

I don't know how to put into words, to express my sincere gratitude, I have been alone for so long. My Father, for the last 13 years investigated how this happened. He was a great man of extreme principle. He worked so hard, it really killed him. He put a case together, there are three files, plus a 36 page report which marries off with the documentation in the files, I think this would be a good start.

Emily will help me, she has exams at present the last one on Saturday, so we will start on Monday and get the documents to you .

I am a bit overwhelmed with the thought that someone cares It's been a long 21 years, and has hurt a lot of people whom I love so dearly.

My Mother has now passed, I was fortunate to speak to her the night before she died, in that last conversation she made me promise to never give up, I gave my word I would never.

You see I am a person that a promise is my word, I thank you for ringing me today, it means so much .


Name Witheld

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