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Assaults, Threats and Property Damage

Assault, assault with a weapon, intentionally causing serious injury, threat to kill

Driving Offences

Drink driving, drug driving, speeding, driving while disqualified, driving while suspended, unlicensed driving.

Drug Cases

Trafficking, drug use, possess drugs, cultivating, possessing, using drugs, clandestine laboratories, meth labs.

Sexual Offences

Indecent assault, rape, sexual assault, indecent exposure, incest, sexual penetration of a child under 16.

Dishonesty & Deception

Shoplifting, theft from employer, bank fraud, centrelink fraud, obtaining property by deception.

Commonwealth Matters

Social Security Fraud, Transmitting illegal material, People Smuggling, Human Trafficking.

Bail Application

Magistrates Court, County Court, revocation of bail, conditions of bail reporting to police.

Firearms and Weapons

Possess a firearm, unregistered firearms, possess a longarm, prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

Homicide and Culpable Driving

Murder, manslaughter, culpable driving, defensive homicide, negligent manslaughter.

Intervention Orders

Intervention Orders, applying for an intervention order, defending against an intervention order.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and family violence are a particular category of violent crimes and often involves allegations of threats to assault and allegations of assault.

Corporate Crime

White collar and corporate crimes, with a particular focus on individual white collar crime, such as embezzlement and fraud, and crimes involving small-to-medium businesses.

Criminal children’s court defence lawyers

Children’s Court - Criminal Defence Lawyers, Criminal Children’s Court Defence Lawyers Melbourne

WorkCover and TAC Fraud

Both WorkCover and the TAC have substantial resources to investigate alleged overpayments or payments to people who they say are not eligible.

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Advice from a competent and experienced criminal lawyer before you are interviewed can and often does have a meaningful impact on the outcome of your case and in some instances, is the difference between whether your matter proceeds to court or not.

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