Inner Melbourne Community Legal interview Sam Norton and Tim Schocker 40 Years, 40 Stories

Mr Norton started volunteering at NMLS in 2007 when it was located in Victoria St, and found it eye-opening experience.

"I had worked in private practice before and I didn't truly appreciate the sheer quantity of people who needed assistance that really couldn't get it from a private law firm or direct from Legal Aid," he explains.

"Sometimes you felt less useful than others because you would be asked to work on cases that were outside your direct area of expertise, but often you could make a really significant difference to people."

Mr Norton met his now colleague Tim Schocker while volunteering at NMLS.

"I was a law student when I started working in the NMLS office during the day, and I also took on a role at the Tuesday night drop-in service and continued to do that for a couple of years while I was studying,"  explains Mr Schocke recalling his start at NMLS in 2008.

Once Mr Schocker began practising at Stary Norton Halphen, Legal Aid cut back much of its criminal law services.

"We identified a need there and started specialist criminal law drop-in night service that Sam, myself and others provided a lawyer to attend each week."

Today, the firm supports IMCL's own in-house lawyers to manage their complex criminal law files.


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