Meet 'terrorist lawyer' Rob Stary: 'I don't judge. I don't prosecute. I defend'

It's a bustling, humming, bog standard Tuesday morning in the circular lobby of the Geelong Magistrates' Court in regional Victoria. A man in tracksuit pants and a boxing kangaroo T-shirt yawns on a bench. Three young mothers supervise their babies in a makeshift play space, next to the queue for domestic violence intervention orders. The room is lip rings and Everlast hoodies, flannel shirts and bitten nails, and the occasional gaunt young fellow in an ill-fitting suit and sneakers.

"It's like coming out to the Wild West," murmurs one lawyer. "I like it." Another lawyer walks past with a sniffling female client on his arm: "How's that? All over," he coos. "All that worry for nothing."


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