Firearms & Weapons

Firearms & Weapons Offences


At Stary Norton Halphen we regularly help our clients with allegations relating to:

  • Possessing firearms
  • Possessing ammunition
  • Failing to store their firearms
  • Being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm
  • Possessing controlled weapons
  • Possessing prohibited weapons
  • Possessing dangerous articles

We also provide advice to those who have had their applications for a gun licence refused or have received noticed that their gun licence will not be renewed and/or will be revoked. Where appropriate, we also assist in litigating such matters.  

If you are charged with a weapons offence it is important to consider whether you have a lawful explanation for possessing the weapon and if you don’t have such an explanation what might potentially happen to you when you are sentenced.

Depending on which offence, the number of charges you face and the circumstances of the offending, the penalties can vary dramatically. It is therefore important you receive advice from a criminal lawyer who has experience with these types of matters.

At Stary Norton Halphen we have that experience.

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Advice from a competent and experienced criminal lawyer before you are interviewed can and often does have a meaningful impact on the outcome of your case and in some instances, is the difference between whether your matter proceeds to court or not.

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