Stary Norton Halphen is the largest specialist criminal law practice in Melbourne, and all lawyers in the firm practice exclusively in Criminal Law.

Six of the Lawyers are Accredited Criminal Law Specialists, namely:

At Stary Norton Halphen, our dedicated professionals are focused on providing specialist expert services in criminal law, leaving other forms of law to other firms. We regularly appear in the Supreme, County, Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts.

We have Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne located at each of our 6 sites, including our new office in Melton. Each office is able to undertake legally aided or privately funded matters.

Remember Criminal Law is our sole legal focus.

Typical cases include:

We have 21 Lawyers available to manage your matter and represent you.

We have highly experienced advocates on staff to represent you at court. In addition we have access to an outstanding panel of Barristers whom we appoint with full knowledge of their strengths and relevance to our clients needs.