Stary Norton Halphen Recognised as First Tier Criminal Law Firm in Victoria

Stary Norton Halphen has been named as a First Tier Law Firm in the Doyle’s Guide 2020 listing of Leading Victorian Criminal Defence Law Firms. 

We are both grateful and proud to have been recognised by our peers as one of only four First Tier Criminal Law Firms.

Our Team

This achievement can largely be attributed to the countless hours of hard work by our team of outstanding defence lawyers.  We are proud of each of our lawyers, their support of one another and their commitment to their clients. Sarah Condon, a Senior Associate of the firm, is but one example of that commitment and passion. And this year she has been recognised by the Doyle’s Guide as one of Victoria’s Rising Stars in the field of Criminal Law. Congratulations Sarah! 

Our Leadership

Our firm’s experienced and talented leadership team have also played their part in Stary Norton Halphen’s success in 2020.  In such a setting they too have been recognised amongst Victoria’s best in the Doyle’s Guide 2020 listing of Leading Victorian Criminal Defence Lawyers.  Specifically, we congratulate Sam Norton (Preeminent), Robert Stary (Leading) and Andrew Halphen (Leading) for their fine work over the last year.

At Stary Norton Halphen we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible result.  We are proud that our pursuit for justice for our clients has seen us being recognised by our peers in a number of different ways culminating in the firm being recognised as a First Tier Criminal Law Firm. 

Top Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

As the largest specialist criminal law practice in Melbourne, we provide insightful, honest and strategic advice to enable our clients to make the best decisions for themselves.

Our services cover a wide range of criminal law offences ranging from drink driving and DUI offences to domestic violence and homicide

Whether for minor or serious offences, we treat each case with the same level of care and ensure all our clients feel heard, have a voice and, most importantly, receive a robust defence.

We are dedicated to maintaining our position as one of the state’s best criminal defence law firms so that we may continue to provide access to justice for our clients for years to come.