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Theft & Fraud Lawyers 

Crimes involving theft and fraud are serious, can be very complex, and often involve intersecting areas of the law. It is therefore important to protect yourself with an experienced criminal lawyer.

At Stary Norton Halphen, we are proud to have some of Melbourne’s most experienced and knowledgeable theft and fraud lawyers on our team. Our legal experts have advised on and represented countless clients, providing them with solid legal and practical advice.

We have represented clients in matters as diverse as:

  • Crimes Against Businesses
  • Fraud and Corporate Crime
  • Falsification of Documents
  • Work cover/Centrelink/TAC Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Credit Card fraud
  • Shop theft
  • Trespass

An informed and diligent theft lawyer will make a significant difference to you and the outcome in your case.

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Our Lawyers are well practiced in all manner of dishonesty-related cases and have appeared before the Magistrates', County and Supreme Courts for such matters. We are well experienced in evidence and making strategic forensic decisions at each stage of your case, which will be of clear and significant benefit to you.

If you have been charged, interviewed by police, or if you are a suspect in an , speak to us immediately. Call Stary Norton Halphen on (03) 8622 8200 or 0407 410 821 for After Hours . You can also reach us through our online enquiry form.

You will be treated fairly and without judgement so that we can determine the best options for you as our client.

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Advice from a competent and experienced criminal lawyer before you are interviewed can and often does have a meaningful impact on the outcome of your case and in some instances, is the difference between whether your matter proceeds to court or not.

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